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Friday, August 12, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

OK... day may be abbreviating things a little - but it still stands  We've had a gap between this and the last post as E had surgery on his hernia (its been one of those weeks).  We had got used to a pattern wth E - 1 good day followed by 2 bad days.  The bad days were full of bad constipation and a good bit of reflux, which showed itself in a lot of crying and not much sleeping (esecially overnight).  The good day would be a similar pattern - but with the difference of less screaming in between short sleeps.

E's surgery was surprising - he was allowed out of hospital the same day, and all of our fears with regards the anaesthetic were not required. Our little man was dealng with the pain petty well, considering he was only 17 weeks old on the day it took place, and that initially he was only given half dose pain medication.

So, yesterday was a trying day - E slept a lot - but in arms, never in his cot, relied on pain medication and just wasn't himself.  This follwed a night of zero sleep for Es mum which put me in charge in the morning, to try and give her some rest.

Today, E has played, got tired and gone to sleep, got hungy and eaten.  He's had very little pain medication and generally been a great little boy.  We had a hiccup this evening, where he just wouldn't seem to go down, but we eventually concluded that may be he was in pain and just gave him a littte of the good stuff, just to take the edge off.,  He's now down, and i'm no going to be too far behind - i find myslef dozing off while trying totype this - and i am fighting a losng battle.

We were worried about this surgery, but so far it seeems like it has solved a lot of the problems which were cauing him difficulies in this early stage.  I'm not naive enough to think that this is the last worry we will have about E, but we are relieed this one seems to have gone so well, and acheived some relief for our little man.

C ejoyed a cople of days with Nanny and Gaga in the caravan and cant wat to go back.

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