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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dadddy's Boy

It seems like just days ago when I as writing about the fact I would be writing here more often - and now when I look it was two months ago - can't change that now - and after all its a promise to myself as this is an internal thing more than anything.

Anyway, onto the point of writing today - it is a celebrate post for me - E is a great is Dadddy's boy.  C, his older bother is a real Mummy's boy - which is a source of much frustration when he won't let me do anything for him and whenever I ask him to do something he respond "want Mummy".  E however reacts when i arrive home from work - i get sqwauked at if I don't show him some attention immediately that I arrive.  When i play with him, I get the biggest "Williams" smiles (for anyone stumbling upon this who does not know about that special smile I'll sort a pic soon.  I know its me as his Mum can spend all afternoon trying to get smiles and they come when I get home!  I know this is not such a delight for his Mum, who woks hard looking after them all day - but for me its the first time I've really experienced t in the 3 years C has been around.

Perhaps he knows that his Mum will be much better at dealing with all of this than me - perhaps he knows I have already had my days where I don't really know how to plan for him (and i don't deal well with that).  In a strange way he is making it impossible for me to ignore the here and now as it's so nice for me to spend time with him, which reminds me.... its play time - E has been very patient, just making his little noises while C watches some TV - play time then work!

Next time a medical update and a study in brotherly love - some things Williams does not get in the way of, perhaps even enhances.