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Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Happy" Anniversary

When I wrote my post, a little under a year ago, entitled W-day 8th July, I really didn't know what the year would hold - well I now have a pretty good idea, having lived almost every last minute of that year.  I guess I have actually been the Dad of a child with Williams Syndrome for nearly 15 months - but I didn't know it until 8th July 2011.  So what has the last year brought:

Well, fate brought about a big gap between this and the last post - actually it was BT, not fate. I have had no broadband and a load of jobs to do - we moved house.  We moved house in order to provide a long term home for E.  In theory we will not need to leave this house unless we become too old to get around it...  I would definitely not be sitting right here had it not been for the Williams Syndrome (although E's Mum had a little to do with it too).

E has lit up our lives, it's not easy to explain.  However, you would think that with the appointments, the overnight stays in hospital, the fighting to get access to therapies, the constant repetition of the basic tale of Williams would taint that but it doesn't....  E makes it easy because it is for him and he is a lovely, good natured little boy.

But it's more about me, E's Dad.  E is a little trooper - and never seems to let things get to him - wish i could say the same for me.  There have been times this last year when i have wondered if this is something i can do.  Well, I'm still here - and that's worth celebrating!  Still here, still learning and every milestone makes me want to help him get to the next one.  I have taken to seeking and/or listening to advice.

Anyway, you know all this - but it has given me a great opportunity to read over the blog and think about where I have come from.  After all, that was one of the things i most wanted to use it for.  So here's to the last year and all the learning, but more importantly here is to the next year - and to more learning - but more importantly to just enjoy being with E.  One thing this last year has taught me is that it is easy to watch time go by and miss the doing.  I have seen a lot and studied a lot - but perhaps i need to forget studying and watching and thinking and DO...

Finally, I asked a series of questions at the end of the post last year, and I thought I would revisit the same list to see how they differed:

Have i found peace with ths yet? 2011:No.  2012: No
Do i know anything about the new world i find myself in? 2011: No.  2012: Actually, yes I do.  I'm no expert - but I'm learning, bit by bit.
Am i ready to learn? 2011: Oh yes.  2012: Oh yes.... more than ever - its slow because you need to learn what is needed now - can't put 20 years time in place now.

Not my best post - but it was kind of an interim one because of the day - I have a couple planned that will appear here soon....