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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A good day is a good day!

E gave his mum a very good nights sleep last night - that is always a good start to their day.  From what i can gather this continued through much of the day.  This is an oh so rare thing - and i am lucky that i can sleep through a lot of it and i get to escape to work in the morning anyway.  But that doesn't stop jealousy when i hear about them having a good day - I wish i was there to see it.

Today was also a very good because we got a date for the hernia surgery.  This would normally fill me with fear and dread, but he so obviously has massive discomfort caused by this thing that i am looking at short term pain for long term gain.  I still wish i could lay down on the table and have them do the proceedure to me but it work on him - I have explained this to many medical professionals, but apparently it is still not possible.

The third reason that today is a good day is that E's big brother, C, had his first day of potty training today and had a brilliant go at it.  He only had two accidents all day and enjoyed most of the day running around in the garden with no pants on.  I came home to be greeted with his own report on how he'd done - very excited and super proud.  I then spent the next few hours giving high 5's in celebration of another successful visit.

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