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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Forgotten Point of Order

When i was writing my 8th of December post something happened which led to an abandoned draft... i was found out! E's mum came downstairs when she had gone to bed and not thinking about my actions, i shut the laptop a little too quickly.

This led to E's mum floating and being quite suspicious. I decided divorce was a high price to pay to keep my little secret, so showed her. She read the whole thing and gave me very positive noises. I considered stopping it,but thought someone read it and seemed to like what i had written - even if he had a vested interest in the case.  I thought longer, and begun to wonder what this cold be one day.  While right now it is an internal dialogue and what is on  my mind, one day it will represent my entire journey with the whole Williams Syndrome thing.

So i have my second member and this made me think about when I might publicise the fact I have been doing this.  I didn't think too long before forgetting all about it.  That was until E's Mum recently started a blog of her own and looked in to traffic and things.  So I looked at mine - never thought abut it - never expected it - I have never told anyone about it.  However, I have been viewed, a lot - USA, New Zealand, Russia and Germany.  I'm amazed - truly amazed - spurred on, I have decided to tell people on E's 1st birthday.  This is still for me and will remain that way until I feel that what I have to say can be deliberately aimed to help someone else.  If in the mean time it helps someone, or someone finds it interesting, I'm glad - and I think I'd even like to hear about it.

Two posts in a week - maybe I'm really getting in to this - I've certainly been thinking more about things I'd like to get off my chest or talk about on here - hopefully you'll see some of them soon.

Cheerio for today world...

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