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Saturday, May 26, 2012

God Only Knows

God Only Knows What I'd be Without You - a post about E's Mum...

When E's mum and I got married I wanted the first dance to be to the Beach Boys "god only knows". I settled for the last dance and as an aside wore flop flops, something I swore I would do on my wedding day! The song makes me think more of her now than then - God only knows what I'd be without you

Anyway, E's mum is my wife, but she is so much more. She is the one who let me deal with the news about E in my own way. She is the one who encouraged me not to hide from it. While waiting for the news, it was her telling me that hoping was fine, but that E had Williams Syndrome and deep down we knew it.

E's mum has taken up a position with the Foundation. She has spent countless nights awake with E. She's been covered in unmentionables from the little love.

She does all of this with very few words of complaint and all the while putting up with me and my ways and still manages to indulge my hobbies and bring my boys along as a cheering squad!

Without her I'm really not sure where I'd be right now and don't like to think about it.

Why have I chosen today... well today is her birthday. I'm downstairs with the boys and about to make breakfast as the boys really want her down now.

So, E's mum, the person who makes this dad's journey into the unknown a whole lot more successful, fun and interesting, Happy Birthday from me and the boys.

Next time, normal service will resume and my journey into the unknown will have an E update.

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