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Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Experiment in Self Counselling

My second son, E, was born on 13th April 2011 and our little family was made complete.  It turns out that E has Williams Syndrome - a genetic condition caused by a micro deletion on the long arm of chromosome 7. The purpose of this blog is unlikely to extend to explaining that or any of the science unless i learn something about it in my journey and process.

Anyway, i'll get back to that in the next post - maybe somthing to busy myself with tomorrow evening.  I'm taking my first step in a very new world in order to help myself.  I know i need to let things go and not bottle them up - and i thought the best way i can really pour my heart out is to the world, anonomously. I am not telling my friends and family that i am doing this (but i will one day in the future) - just doing it for me, whether my readership counts 0 or millions.

This will not be a lesson in how to deal with this - it will be my journey in trying to do that - and maybe one day it will help others in my position.  However, i will not hide the emotions which i experience - after all i am doing this in order to set them free!

My next post will take us from what i now call W-day through to now - beyond that, we'll see where it takes us...

Live and learn are my priorities

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  1. Just found your blog. In the same position and reassured to read your thoughts & comments. L